Our skin brightening Peptide Hydrator with Collodial Silver moisturizes, firms, and illuminates your complexion.


This triple bio-brightening peptide complex fights the signs of aging with copper tripeptide-1 and acetyl hexapeptide-8. Enhanced with a proprietary blend of colloidal silver and jojoba esters, this powerful peptide complex is rich with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. This medicinal active ingredient is highly effective in the reduction of sebaceous skin impurities and scars. It also helps to maintain healthy hydration and prevent transepidermal water loss.


Acetyl hexapeptide-8 (argireline) is a peptide compound that reduces the appearance of wrinkles brought on by repeated facial expressions. It has been found to get rid of wrinkles temporarily by preventing muscle contractions. This makes it the perfect natural alternative to Botox!


Copper peptides are ideal for anti-aging due to their ability to promote the production of glycosaminoglycan like hyaluronic acid. A German research group found that CoQ10 suppresses collagenase, an enzyme that causes damage to the skin's connective tissue. It protects your skin from early aging, wrinkle formation, and loss of cell activity. Studies have shown equivalent results as one injection of collagen (-15% wrinkle depth reduction).


Available in 1oz

Peptide Hydrator

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